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What Prevents “Undoing” A Bill?

The Undoable page of the Bill Stages dialog box allows you to undo the most recent bill for a particular client. You will not be able to undo the approval for a particular client after performing any of the following functions:

  • Changing the clients classification to Inactive or Closed.
  • Editing the clients billing arrangement.
  • Edit, delete, or purge a slip or transaction that appeared on the bill.
  • You delete the invoice transaction created by the bill.
  • You apply a write-off transaction to the invoice transaction created by the bill.
  • You print another bill for the client and place it in Proof Stage or approve it.
  • Using the Data Verification function with Rebuild accounts receivable balances marked and the client name selected (or All Clients).
  • Entering a split billing rule for a client. This also prevents undoing a bill for all other clients who are part of the previous split billing rule.
  • You have already cleared the bill from the Undo tab.

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