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A To Z Tips From TSR:  “D” Is For Data Entry Assistant

A to Z Tips from TSR: “D” is for Data Entry Assistant

Do you know what the “Timeslips Data Entry Assistant” is?   The information can be very valuable when researching what a person entered on a specific day or other time period.   Here are some answers to questions which will illustrate the value of this tool:

Q: How do you get to the Data Entry Assistant?
A: From the top menu click SPECIAL … DATA ENTRY ASSISTANT 

Q: What information is available?
A: There are 4 tabs” Slips, A/R, Funds Transactions and Summary.  Set the date range at the top, click UPDATE and select the desired tab to see the data

Q:  What does the Summary tab look like?
A:  Like this:

Timeslips Data Entry Assistant screen

Click on the other tabs to see the entries added during that time period.

Now that you know about it, check out Timeslips’ Data Entry Assistant feature.   A great way to evaluate your productivity, and to capture more billable time.



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