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Is Your Timeslips Slow?

Is Your Timeslips Slow?

Speed up Slip List in Timeslips

Timeslips 2015 Slip List
Timeslips 2015 Slip List

For many firms, viewing slips seems to take forever!  Here is a simple process that works.  It’s called “closing slips”.  Here is what closing slips will do for you:

  • Slips that are older (over 2 years old) and already billed, do not need to show up in the slip list
  • Slips that are older (over 2 years old) and already billed need to be included in reports and History Bills **
  • Only actual active slips will appear in the slip list
  • Closed slips will be accessible in reports and History Bills **

**  When running reports, you will need to include slips in the “CLOSED” classification in addition to “OPEN” slips.

Here is how to close slips:

  1. Make sure nobody else is in Timeslips
  2. Back up the Timeslips database (file … backup)
  3. Click the top menu SLIPS … CLOSE SLIPS
    Close slips 1
  4. In the following screen, change the number of months (I recommend 24 months)
  5. Click OK
  6. The close slips may take several hours to complete so please HAVE PATIENCE!!Set number of months to close slips

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