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GREAT NEWS!!!  Timeslips 2017 Surprise Announcement

GREAT NEWS!!! Timeslips 2017 Surprise Announcement

Sage Software announced the newest version, Timeslips 2017 – perpetual license.   What does this mean?

There are 2 new products available:  Timeslips 2017 and Timeslips Premium.  Both use the new powerful database engine.

New and improved features for Timeslips 2017

  • Billing Assistant
    The Billing Assistant has been updated to reflect new styles that are adopted in the Client Info screen
  • Slip Values view
    Opening a slip & clicking on the Value will now present a new window
  • Budgets: All budgets screens (select Names > Budgets) have been updated to improve organization & flow. Recalculating budget values & printing budget reports is now faster.
  • Accounts Receivable list & Account receivable entry screens: The Accounts Receivable List (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable) has been updated for stability & performance. Toolbar buttons have been added to it for quick access to transaction-related preferences & list customization options.
    Most accounts receivable entry screens now show more information to help you understand how transactions are associated with each other or how values (like timekeeper contributions) are being calculated.
  • Unlimited capacity (no more “table is full” errors)
  • MUCH faster response time (no more waiting for the slip list to load or bills to print)

 So what’s the difference between Timeslips Premium and Timeslips 2017?

  • Timeslips 2017 has a Perpetual License.  Timeslips Premium requires a subscription (annual or monthly payments)
  • Timeslips 2017 does not include any support with the purchase unless you purchase the Business Care.  Timelips Premium includes support.
  • Timeslips 2017 will have annual releases.  Timeslips Premium has multiple updates and service releases throughout the year


The Sage website has detailed information on what’s new in Timeslips 2017.  Click here for more information.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  There is no price increase over the prior year.  If you own Timeslips 2014 or newer, you are eligible for reduced pricing if you upgrade before July 31, 2016.
 Click here for the Sage Timeslips Obsolescence Policy on upgrades. 

What will it cost to upgrade?  Request a custom quote or contact us at

Let the good times roll … Timeslips 2017 is a welcome surprise!!!!




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