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Year End Backup Recommendations

Year End Backup Recommendations

Reminder:  Year End Backups and Timeslips Reprint Bills

Happy New Year!  It’s the end of the year (again) which is why I am reminding you to save a special year-end backup of your Timeslips and/or QuickBooks databases.  Make sure the backup has a name indicating that it is the yearly backup (2016.bku for Timeslips or 2016.qbb for QuickBooks) and save these in a special “Annual backups” folder.  For a detailed overview of recommended Timeslips backup procedures, please refer to my website post by clicking here.

Timeslips users:  At the end of the year, create a PDF of all bills sent out during the year. 
From the main menu click BILLS … REPRINT BILLS.  Set the “View by” at the top to “Date Range” and choose the entire year. Then, right-click on the list and choose “MARK”.  At the bottom of the screen, set the “Print to” to PDF file and then click PRINT.  Next are 3 options for the PDF file:

  1. Print all bills to a single file
  2. Print all bills to separate files in a single folder
  3. Print each bill to a separate file in separate folders

I recommend choosing the first option and save it in a “Year End Backups” folder.  Name the file 2016 invoices.pdf.

Timeslips retains an image of a specified number of bills as defined in “General Settings”.   Additional bill images overwrite the older ones.  If the maximum bill images is set to 12 and you bill a client every month, only the most recent 12 bill images are available; older ones are overwritten. Saving a .pdf copy of the year’s bill images provides the ability to reprint bills that are no longer saved in Timeslips..

2016 been a great year at TSR Consulting Services, Inc.  We continue to support Timeslips, Time Matters and QuickBooks for law firms and other service businesses.  Our NetDocuments ( business is growing as more firms move to the cloud.  We have also seen an increase in Clio ( users.  Please contact us for more information on how you can be more mobile!

I wish you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.  And, as always, please feel free to contact us for assistance with year-end procedures, reports, or any other software related requests.  We also welcome your referrals.


Sage Timeslips

Timeslips Database and Bill Images

It is recommended that firms maintain a special year-end backup of Timeslips with a unique file name (TS2016.bku).  Save the file in a safe place (with other year-end backups) so that if you ever need a snapshot of the year end, it is easy to restore.

Bill image backups allow you to save a pdf copy of every bill mailed during the year in a single file.  Timeslips 2013 and newer will store each bill in a separate client folder if desired.  For more information, check out our website.  Click here for a detailed description of backup procedures and options.  Our website has several blog posts and support articles about backing up and other tricks and tips for Timeslips.  Visit us at

NetDocuments offers a powerful suite of tools for document creation, organization, and editing, including integrations with Microsoft Office applications. Combining these powerful tools with easy to use features and applications for users of all skill level will allow for smarter document management within the office. Please contact us for more information.

Year-end backups can be run on the last day of the year, or early in January.

For more detailed information, please visit the support section of our website:

Call or email us:
Phone: 847.256.7536

QuickBooks Database

QuickBooks can be configured to automatically back up your data regularly, but it deletes older backups.  Occasionally, a firm will want to view the QuickBooks file as it was at the end of the year.  For that reason, it is helpful to save a year-end backup in a separate folder.

Time Matters Backups

Time Matters uses a special database called SQL.  Backups can be set up to occur regularly on demand.  It is recommended that you have regular backups.  Keep in mind that backups for SQL do not included email attachments or documents.  Those need to be specified in the backup window.  To view those settings click FILE .. BACKUP TIME MATTERS DATA.  If you restore your data, both the SQL and documents/emails must be restored.  Time Matters “restore” utility will not restore the SQL database.  That must be done separately through Microsoft SQL Server.  Feel free to call if you have any questions!

Clio helps you organize your entire firm: structure workflows with dynamic tasks, schedule meetings, and share documents with your clients. Operating quickly and efficiently is easy when everything’s accessible in one place.

Timeslips 2017 and Premium:
December Update

Do you have Timeslips 2017 or Timeslips Premium installed?  Please make sure you are on the current service release.  Open Timeslips and click HELP … ABOUT Sage TIMESLIPS and make sure the version ends in .375 as shown.  To update to this release (it fixes many issues found in this version), click here to download it from the Sage website.

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