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A To Z Tips From TSR:  “L” Is For Logs

A to Z Tips from TSR: “L” is for Logs

Timeslips tracks some valuable information in log files. Sage Timeslips 2012 stores the log files in a special folder inside the database.  To view the log files in Timeslips 2012, click  Special … Explore Log Files



Older versions of Timeslips also kept log files. Here are some examples of log files:

  • BillAud.log:  If your firm uses electronic billing, this log file reports the errors (and successes) when exporting files to the electronic bill house
  • Emaillog.txt:  This log file provides a report of all bills and statements sent via email.
  • Dberrlog.txt:  Have you ever run data verification and forgotten to save the results, only to have to re-run it?  This log file contains the result of the most recently run data verification
  • Convstatuslog.txt:  When Timeslips was upgraded, a conversion report is prepared and saved as convstatuslog.txt
  • DocAccess.txt:  Bills and statements printed to file are documented in this report

These same logs are available in prior versions of Timeslips.  They are saved in the local workstation copy of Timeslips (usually c:\program files\timeslips).

Another little “Timeslips tidbit” for you!

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