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A To Z Tips From TSR:  “K” Is For Keyboard Shortcuts

A to Z Tips from TSR: “K” is for Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts in Timeslips

It is my opinion that there are two types of people (in the world of data entry):

Mouse People vs. Keyboard People

In the process of writing this, I found a great blog discussing which is better (

For those of us who are keyboard people, Timeslips has some wonderful shortcuts to speed up data entry.   Here are a few of my favorites:

Control + N New entry New slip, payment, client, reference
Control + S Saves an entry Save slip, client, payment, reference,
report entry
Control + O Opens selected entry Opens slip, payment, client
“T” in date field Today’s date Date in slips, transactions
“S” in date field Same date In slips, copy date from prior field
2-digit number Date (current month/year) Slips, transactions (enter the 2-digit
date for current month, current year
Control + L Opens the list Slip list, transaction list
Control + Pg Up Go to first entry Slips, transactions
Control + Pg Down Go to last entry Slips, transactions
Shift + Control + 1 Switch to nickname 1 Slips, transactions
Shift + Control + 2 Switch to nickname 2 Slips, transactions

How can you find keyboard shortcuts?

  1. From the HELP … ONLINE USERS GUIDE search “Keyboard”
  2. Right-click on a slip list or transactions list or client list

For all of us who prefer the keyboard, I hope you learned something in this post.

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