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A To Z Tips From TSR:  “G” Is For General Settings

A to Z Tips from TSR: “G” is for General Settings

General Settings in Timeslips is the area of the program where you can:

  • Change your firm’s address
  • Increase the number of characters in Nickname 1 or Nickname 2
  • Define the separator used for client.matter (see Consolidated Bills blog post dated March 7, 2012 )
  • Specify defaults when adding new clients, timekeepers and activities
  • Turn on/off conflict checking
  • Force a new invoice number for cleared proof stage bill
  • Modify the default description for transactions (example: remove the words “bad debt” from Write-Off)
  • Specify which types of payments your firm accepts (cash, credit cards, checks, custom)

From the main menu click SETUP then click GENERAL.  The screen will look like this (Timeslips 2012):

General Settings screen
General Settings

Refer to the Timeslips Manual in your program for more specific information and screen shots.  Or, contact TSR Consulting Services, Inc. at 847 256 7536 (

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