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A To Z Tips From TSR:  “H” Is For HOLD Feature In Timeslips

A to Z Tips from TSR: “H” is for HOLD Feature in Timeslips

Timeslips “HOLD” Feature

Timeslips has 2 ways to hold slips to delay billing specific entries:

  1. SLIP HOLD feature – Hold a single slip (example: an expense was not paid yet and should not yet be billed; or some of the client work will appear with another project)
  2. CLIENT HOLD feature – Hold the client’s bill or just the fees or expenses until further notice

To place a hold on an individual slip, check the “HOLD” box on the slip

Slip Hold Feature
Hold a single slip

To place a hold on the client, open the Client Information to “Arrangement 1” and hold either time, expenses or the entire bill.  It is possible to set a criteria such as “hold until fees reach $500 on the client setup.  In Timeslips 2012, if you place a full bill hold on the client, there will be a red “H” next to the client name in the list.

Hold client slips
Client Hold on Slips


To report on slips on hold, there is a report (often under the “Client” tab) called “Charges on Hold”.  This will report all slip and client holds in the system.  Also, when generating Pre-Bill Worksheets, click the “OPTIONS” button and check the boxes “Release slips marked hold” and “Show bills on Full Bill Hold”.

Billing options
Billing options
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