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Meet Timeslips’ Product Manager:  Ronda Horsham

Meet Timeslips’ Product Manager: Ronda Horsham

Meet Timeslips’ Product Manager:  Ronda Horsham

Ronda Horsham and I have been working together ever since she starting working with Timeslips.  Her commitment to the product, and to the Timeslips community is remarkable.  I want to share her remarks … please click this link to read what Ronda has to say.
TIMESLIPS 2013: The latest and greatest is now available!


  • Send bills with attachments (i.e. reciepts for expenses)
  • Force users to log out to perform backups and maintenance
  • Calculate clients’ days to pay
  • Delete multiple slips
  • View time spent in either decimal or hours:minutes format

Our Recommendation:

  • If your Timeslips is version 2010, it is unsupported as of OCTOBER 31, 2012 so you should upgrade to Timeslips 2013
  • Timeslips 2011 and 2012:  Supported versions do not need to be upgraded at this time


Timeslips supports the most recent 3 versions of software.  Currently, Timeslips 2011, 2012 and 2013 are supported versions.  If you own a current version, you are entitled to “Wave Pricing”.  Timeslips 2010 was unsupported on October 31, 2012.  Clients on an unsupported version are charged the new product purchase price.  TSR Consulting Services, Inc. offers discounts to customers who purchase directly from us.

As always, feel free to email or call 847 256-7536 with any questions or concerns.

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